15 January 2016 A bit of professional literature – snail species

Snails in Poland: Snails, and escargot (Burgundy snail) in particular, are considered to have been well settled in Poland already in the Middle Ages.

       Helix Pomatia (escargot). Known since time immemorable as escargot de Bourgogne, it is no longer present in the Bourgogne area, nor in any other area in France. Once very numerous in this country, it was decimated at the beginning of the 20th century by excessive farming and use of pesticides in agriculture. It inhabits the moderate climate area of Central Europe and Asia. Italian monks propagating the idea of snails consumption during fasting periods brought the escargot over to Poland. It is a protected species within member states of the European Union.

        Helix Aspersa Maxima (Gros Gris – large garden snail). This mollusc comes from North Africa (Morocco, Algeria). It can be distinguished from the escargot (Helix Pomatia) by a vastly shorter farming-development cycle, making it the preferred farming species.

       Helix Aspersa Maxima (Gros Gris – small garden snail). It used to live in Western Europe, currently is a strictly protected species. Commercial market includes snails from commercial farms only. The demand for Helix aspersa muller is on the rise because of small snail consumption simply being fashionable, as well as because of its taste.

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