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1 May 2016 Cuvette hygiene or what to do after hatching

Here are a few hints regarding cocoons and hatched little snails in the cuvettes:

-the cocoons should be carefully collected using a plastic spoon from the hatching pods to cuvettes filled with soil up to ca. 1 cm.

-the soil may not be too dry and too wet, as it will eventually grow mould in a closed cuvette (it should be slightly moist)

-with adequate air humidity in the room this is all that needs to be done, dew will eventually appear in the top part of the cuvette. If the dew does not appear, the top part of the cuvette should be lifted slightly every other day and sprinkled with water

-do not pour water onto, soak or sprinkle the eggs

-little snails should hatch within 20 days if the temperature is correct.

-little snails should not be moved after 4 days as per the book, as little snails can hatch over many days

-all little snails should gather in the top part of the cuvette, in the edges of the container

-wait three days and remove the snails carefully, using soft brushes, onto plants growing in the field, or keep the snails in cuvettes and feed

-feeding of tiny snails is performed by turning the top part of the cuvette over, lightly sprinkling the wet bottom of the cuvette, pouring small amounts of feedstock to have it adhere to the bottom, and covering the cuvette with the top part containing the snails.

-little snails will migrate from the top to the bottom part, towards the feedstock

-the same operations should be performed daily, for a maximum period of two weeks, and the little snails should be released into the field afterwards.

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Jak założyć własną Hodowlę Ślimaka?


How do you get to hatch lots of egg at the same time

(6 September 2018)


    The only way to hatch lots of eggs at the same time is to have much bigger reproduction than you really need. The advantage is obvious, i.e. you have all your snails at the same age so it’s easier to collect them in autumn. You can also reproduce snails in a much shorter time. On the other hand, you have to prepare much more reproduction tables and when your snails are in the peak of copulation, you have to stop the reproduction because you simply have enough eggs.

    (12 September 2018)

    Ferma "Mokry Dwór"

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