12 January 2016 Feedstock recipes for Helix Aspersa Maxima and Muller snails

If you have all the ingredients available, you can try and prepare the feedstock yourself.

An example mix for snails, staying in a farming park, with access to plants and soil :

2.6 kg of soy beans or meal

3.4 kg of corn (maize) should be ground to flour

2 kg of wheat

these ingredients should be ground to the so called flour


1 kg of feedstock chalk

0.8 kg of dicalcium phosphate or calcium phosphate

0.2 kg Polfamix-z (vitamins for hens)

Recommeneded mix for snails (feedstock mix composition recipe):

post-extraction soy meal (high-temperature product, if available)    – 25.0-30.0%

feedstock chalk                                                                                               – 25.0-30.0%

cereal seeds – meals and flour (wheat, barley, corn)                              – 46.0-43.5%

dried nonsuch                                                                                                – 1.0-2.0%

Premix, Polfamikst (e.g. for poultry)                                                       – 2.0-3.0%

Soy oil                                                                                                             – 0.5-1.0%

Table salt                                                                                                         – 0.5%

Proteins 16-20%, fat < 4.0%

Granulate size 0.15-0.25mm, 0.5mm for adult snails


Jak założyć własną Hodowlę Ślimaka?


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