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13 August 2016 Fencing the farming park

During our first farming season, we used the Helitex mesh as fencing of our farming park at the Mokry Dwór Farm.

It is a specialised mesh intended for commercial farming, used worldwide, with very small openings (preventing both little snails and large snails from escaping).

As the photographs show, the mesh is provided with a special pocket to the 2/3rds of the mesh height, which prevents access to the opposite site of the fencing. In theory, snails should stop below this pocket and then return to the park when the day comes.

farming park

However, in practice, quite a large part of snails passes through the mesh pockets and escapes the farming park, especially during warm and rainy nights.

Thus, we changed the fencing in the subsequent seasons, replacing it with another one, made of agricultural textile impaled on a wooden frame provided with a roof. A plank coated with salt-containing grease is placed under the roof, which prevents the salt from being washed out.


Let us remember one important thing:

Each fencing, both the mesh and the agricultural textile, must be dug into the soil, at a minimum depth of 30 cm. This digging in prevents the snails from escaping under the fencing and entrance of rodents into the farming park area.

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