27 March 2016 Little snail feeding after the hatching

Little Helix Aspersa Maxima and Muller snails are left without feeding for three days. They use up their foetal residues and feed on soil. The next two days are spent transferring little snails which already hatched, that is, moved to the top part of the cuvette, to other small cuvettes without soil, to which small amounts of feedstock are added – these 3-6 days are not included in the snail age.

The feedstock is provided as a thin layer across the entire surface of an empty and slightly wet bottom lid, with contaminations caused by snails during the previous day removed. Then the cuvette with the hatched snails is closed from above using a lid with freshly placed feedstock. This operation is repeated every 24 hours, and the cuvette is rotated upside down each time, with a one day break once a week.

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