10 April 2016 Little snails – practical things what to do and what not to do

– Do not sprinkle little snails with water

– Do not pour feedstock onto little snails (as they stick and die)

– The bottom part of the cuvette should be changed every day (excrements and residues of feedstock should be removed)

– Do not touch little snails, do not move them around with fingers, etc. (they remain in the top part of the cuvette)

– Do not place fly deterring lamps close to little snails (fly like to venture into the cuvettes and to lay eggs there, their larvae kill little snails)

Leaving feedstock for a longer period of time than just one day may result in mould growth and poisoning of little snails.

– Little snails should be kept and fed in the cuvette for a maximum period of two weeks, then they are moved to the field.

Little snails should be transferred using a soft brush only and after sprinkling them with water.

Jak założyć własną Hodowlę Ślimaka?


buon giorno e possibile avere informazioni per poter acquistare delle covate
grazie e urgente perché mi organizzo il prossimo allevamento che partirà a fine di aprile,
buona giornata

(2 April 2017)


    Yes, we can provide you with baby snails. We send our baby snails to all European countries. If you are interested in placing order, please write directly to our email address:
    Best regards,
    Ewa Sulej

    (12 April 2017)


Hi i am just starting snail farming would really appreciate ur assistance on the food for baby snails , juveniles till maturity.
Thank you in advance,

(11 April 2018)


    Nice to meet you Marwan. We are willing to advise you on all types of food for snails. Please, send your questions directly to our email adress, i.e.
    Ewa Sulej

    (21 April 2018)


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