8 February 2016 Mites – hygiene, prevention

Following basic rules of zoohygiene, we can avoid parasites, roundworms, mites, Salmonella bacteria.

-Do not place animals too densely within farming spaces

-The correct snail density is

  1. a) 100 reproducing snails per 1m2 (taking into account all surfaces of reproducing tables),
  2. b) 350-400 snails per 1 m2 within the farming park, and
  3. c) a maximum of 30,000 baby snails up to one month of age per 1m2.

– Throughout the entire reproduction period, the snails and the reproduction tables should be sprinkled (once a week) as a preventive measure, using a herbal brew (stinging nettle plus tansy, 2-3 table spoons per one litre of water).

-Do not use feedstocks past their best before date or made of ingredients contaminated with bacteria and moulds, and inappropriately stored feedstocks.

-After each autumn collection, the soil should be dug and thoroughly provided with copious amounts of calcium.

-The room, cuvettes and equipment used within the farm should be decontaminated using lime suspension (1 kg of slaked lime per 20 litres of water). After thorough mixing and sedimentation of the precipitate – the obtained solution is decanted into a container and decontamination is performed by sprinkling the solution as necessary.

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