5 January 2016 Some snail theory from professional literature…

Snails are one of the first animals consumed by humans. This is proven by large numbers of shells or shell parts found in excavations indicating that already primitive, pre-historic people used to eat snails. However, the Romans were the first gourmands who discovered taste and health benefits of snails. They ate the snails also because of their sexual drive enhancing or erotic sensations enhancing properties, namely as an aphrodisiac. It was probably the uncontrollable appetite of Romans which had them eventually farm snails, in order to obtain impressively sized and exquisitely tasting specimens.

The Romans took the snails over to British Isles, where they are known today as roman snails. Gauls also considered these molluscs to be a special delicacy. During the medieval period, snails were often consumed and highly valued because of their lean meat. They were consumed during fasting periods, in particular. Snails were served fried, in oil and with fried onions, grilled or cooked. Consumption of snails significantly decreased during the 17th century, but they returned to royal tables two centuries later by the great gourmand, Count Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord who ordered snails to be prepared or dinner hosted for the Tsar of Russia. Snails farming was practised again in the 20th century. Many new species and technologies were discovered in the last century.

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