10 January 2016 There is nothing more simple than snail farming – is it really the case?

One starts with buying several dozens of small snails, multiplying them or rather leaving the snails to do so themselves, then one just sells them and reaps the profit… but no, there could be nothing more wrong than this! The purchase itself is not enough, this is only where it all begins. Despite what it may seem, snail farming is a very demanding task. Inadequate feeding prevents snail growth, and lack of protection will have the snails eaten by rodents. Care should be taken to prevent them from venturing off, whether inside the room during reproduction (one needs to take a ladder and peel the snails off the ceiling afterwards), or outside the field-farm (which ends up with snails being trampled during a walk around the fence). As long as the snails are within the room, it is not too much of a problem, however, outdoor farming is what requires a lot of attention. The final product will be significantly smaller if the runaways are not placed back on and within the field. An electric fence takes care of the problem, another good solution is to use grease mixed with table salt.

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