16 April 2016 Water quality in snail farming

Water quality is a decisive factor in farming, especially during the reproduction period which takes place indoors. Water with poor parameters should be chemically treated and/or in an installation of appropriate filters.

Basic quality parameters of water used in farming:



pH: 6.5-8.5
hardness up to 200 mval/dcm3
ammonia up to 5 mg N/dcm3
nitrites 0 (may not be present)
iron up to 0,5 mg/Fe/dcm3
heavy metals 0 (may not be present)
Coli, fecal 0 (may not be present)
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 0 (may not be present)


Jak założyć własną Hodowlę Ślimaka?


Hi we are starting our first snail full cycle production here in Ireland

We aim to produce 1 tonne as a learning curve

My question relates to water quality, we will be using well water and the iron content is high 1.8mg/l fe

Is iron a major issue for snails? can they they die from iron?

Kind Regards


(13 December 2016)

Larry kavanagh

    Yes, too high content of iron can pose a risk for snails. The acceptable content for people is around 1,0 mg/dm3 and we use the same water in our snail farm. Snails are very simple organisms and high content of any metals can be risky. Of course, I can’t tell you for sure that they will all die, probably no, but too much iron can negatively influence digestibility of nutrients and this will have an impact on their growth.
    If it is possible I would recommend that you should install water filter to decrease the iron content.
    With regards,
    Ewa Sulej

    (28 December 2016)


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