Snail Farm “Mokry Dwór”

We are a family business farming African snails, Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Mūller. Our Farm is located near Konin in the province of Wielkopolska.  Its location away from the city, in the picturesque valley of the Warta Village, covered by a form of nature protection “Natura 2000”, is a big advantage. Fresh air and specific humidity in these areas is conductive to a healthy and organic farming. Due to the Poland’s temperate climate, our farming method is mixed. Reproduction and nursery take place indoor, with temperature and humidity fully controlled, and fattening outdoor.

We raise snails especially for human consumption and obtain snail slime for cosmetics and pharmaceutical use. To ensure the finest quality, our snails are cleansed every day to free them from impurities.

We supply snails, snail’s eggs and slime to wholesale, food-processing and any kind of catering. Feel free to order trial batches of our products to check the quality of purchased goods.




Helix aspersa Müller snail, also known as small grey snail or Petit-Gris, is very tasty and does not require any initial processing as it can be eaten whole, cooked in the shell, without the need to remove the stomach. Contrary to Helix Maxima, it is the preferred, bought species and reaches higher purchase prices. Snail of this variety also grows faster, as they reach maturity after 5-6 months. Although it grows and matures faster, it is also smaller as it weighs just 6-15 grams and lays 80120 eggs.



Helix aspersa Maxima farming snail is a representative of the Helicidae family. It is known as the African snail, or large grey snail – Gros-Gris. It was brought to France from North Africa. It is distinguished from the Polish Helix Promatia snail by a much shorter farming cycle, as it reaches reproduction maturity within 5-7 months. This means that one season, i.e. the period between spring and autumn is enough to reach the size adequate for commercial and consumption purposes. An adult Helix Maxima snail weighs 15-40 grams and lays 120-180 eggs.

Both the Helix aspersa Maxima and Helix aspersa Müller varieties have undisputed nutritional benefits. They contain high quantities of protein, magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc and iodine in its meat. It also produces large quantities of secretion which contains glycolic acid, collagen, vitamins, natural antibiotics, elastin and alnatoin. This mixture of natural ingredients is an excellent cure for skin diseases. Snail secretion also provides the basis for production of medicines for asthma and tuberculosis. The moderate Polish climate is particularly favourable for farming of this species and thanks to its flavour, it is more and more often encountered on our tables.