10 December 2016 Choosing soil for edible snail farming

In theory: The best soil is healthy, slightly basic (calcium-rich) soil. If the natural environment we are planning to use for farming parks is too sandy and acidic, it should be enriched with humus and made more fertile with natural calcium (take care not to use calcium fertilizers containing ingredients lethal to snails). If the soil is muddy and clay-like it should be enriched with river sand and calcium. 

In practice: Those planning to start snail farms simply start such farms. Regardless of the soil, at any place. We are not looking for particularly suitable soil, as we usually start right next to our own house, with a piece of our own field or garden and utility premises, which may be adapted to such farming purposes. It is a small investment in the very beginning.  If the soil is really deteriorated, a good solution may be to sow plants which are easy to cultivate, and which may be ploughed and used as natural fertilizer, organic fertilizers may be possibly used as well – as long as they are not harmful to our future farm.

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