28 November 2016 Farming (breeding) conditions – observed and important

In addition to appropriate feeding and nutrition, the most important conditions of correct and intensive reproduction are complementary: temperature, humidity and light intensity, namely length of the day.

The Aspersa Muller snail can be farmed anywhere, in any premises, even at home, as long as the factors I previously wrote about are provided. It is definitely not enough just to feed the snails and wait for them to multiply and grow. Just one factor thrown out of the balance is enough for the entire farm to malfunction.

Insufficient humidity results in lower intensity of movement and feeding, eventually leading to decreased fertility. Insufficient light duration causes the life cycle to become unregulated, the snails enter hibernation also known as aestivation. All these factors are inter-related and must operate like a clockwork.

Here are the optimal parameters guaranteeing farming success during a reproduction period of Helix Aspersa Muller species:

– daily cycle: day 16 hours, night 8 hours

– temperature: 200C during the day, 180C at night

– humidity: 70% during the day, 85% at night


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