18 August 2016 Threats to edible snail farming – Diseases

The biggest threat is posed by Salmonella and Aeromonas bacteria. Their growth may cause dirt and contaminations in the environment of the snails, as well as draw the presence of rodents, flies and other insects. Bacteria pose a hazard mainly during the breeding period, to the reproducing snails, and during hatching.

Long standing soil left without replacement in pods and cuvettes used for egg incubation provides an infection source. Temperatures over 30 degrees during summer pose another hazard. Bacteria grew in the soil, this process is hazardous to large snails present in the farming pens.
We should take daily care of water, feedstock, cleaning of cuvettes and reproduction tables. Daily cleaning of excrements and residues of feedstock is just enough to ensure smooth breeding of the new population.
Care of maintaining the adequate ambient temperature, humidity and good ventilation should be taken during breeding.
Excessive snail density, dry and warm cuvettes may result in a mite invasion.
Dry soil and insufficient cuvette ventilation leads to drying of eggs before hatching.

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