21 March 2016 Baby snail hatching and temperature

1oC of temperature difference results in a one day of hatching time difference, e.g.

25oC inside the room – hatching takes 10 days,

20oC inside the room – hatching takes 15 days,

15oC inside the room – hatching takes 20 days.

Temperature manipulation leads to different egg incubation times, however, it is possible in the temperature range of 15-25oC only. Temperatures lower than 15oC may destroy the eggs. Hatched little snails will wander to the top part of the tray, etc. and only such little snails may be considered to have hatched.

The remaining snails may leave their eggs even 14 days later, which is the reason why the trays should be incubated for two weeks after the first hatching, until the maximum possible number of baby snails is obtained. Correct incubation process causes the eggs to become hard and change their colour to yellow – brown (the colour of forming shells of baby snails).

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