Obrazek wyróżniający Potency and breeding of snails

8 February 2016 Potency and breeding of snails

Initially after their awakening, the reproducing snails show an increased drive to breed. It is just enough for them to feed, replenish fluids lost during hibernation and feel the soil in the placed hatching pods. Feeding snails with carrots guarantees that eggs will be laid at a consistently high rate. The best results are achieved with finely grated carrots.

The egg laying period lasts 10 to 15 weeks, but the highest numbers of eggs are laid during the first 6 weeks. Mortality of reproducing snail increases afterwards, and the number of laid eggs decreases. A part of the reproducing herd will perish during the egg laying period. Reproducing snails remaining after the reproduction period are disposed of and reproducing snails for the new season are selected from the freshly farmed snails.


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